Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Teacher Gift Ideas

Christmas has been stressing me out a little bit.  I've been doing my best to plan ahead for who I need to shop for and possible things I want to give to or make for them, but I can't seem to get my thoughts organized enough or any of the details hammered out.  I've decided that I'm just destined to be one of those people that gets everything done at the last minute.  Finishing up presents at 2am, here I come! 

One thing I have started thinking about in advance is a present for my son's teacher.  He is in preschool and he has a teacher that he just adores.  Since I work full-time, I have only met her on a couple of occasions but I can see that the kids really love her and the munchkin is always sharing new things that he has learned in class.  So, I can definitely tell that she is making a difference and I want to show my gratitude for the impact she has on Chris' life.

I started my search for the perfect present online with sites such as Etsy to get some ideas and came across cute mugs, personalized key chains, and apple-themed gifts.  All seemed like great options but after checking out some sites that had comments from teachers about gifts they actually liked to receive, I realized that although parents think these types of presents are cute, teachers don't actually need 20 mugs that say #1 Teacher.  Though what they do often defines them, they are real people that enjoy useful gifts (not necessarily related to their job). 

So, if you are in the same boat as I am, struggling to find the perfect gift that expresses your gratitude to a teacher that is helping to shape your child's life, I've come up with some ideas for you.

Gift Cards

It's not a very personal gift, but from what I've read, teachers really enjoy getting them.  Target, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon would be safe bets but if you know they love coffee or really enjoy watching movies, then Starbucks or Fandango would likely be appreciated.  Since I don't know my son's teacher very well, I am planning to opt for a gift card to Target (probably in the $10-15 range). 
Burt's Bees Head to Toe Kit

Beauty Products

Most women enjoy receiving beauty or spa products such as lotions or lip balms, as long as they are quality products.  If you are going this route, I highly recommend skipping the dollar store and Big Lots.  There are some great brands that won't cost you an arm and a leg and if you're able to shop around a little, you can probably find a great deal.  All natural products are really popular and Burt's Bees has quality goods at drugstore prices.  This cute little gift set (pictured above) is only $9.99 and it comes with some great essentials like body lotion, body wash and a lip balm.  It's a great sampler for someone who isn't familiar with their products as well.  Bath and Bodyworks is another great source for favorite bath products. 
Mossimo Neck Warmer

Trendy Winter Accessories

Scarves always make a lovely gift and from what other women have told me, you can never have too many.  Infinity scarves and neckwarmers are really in this year, so you can find them in a wide range of colors and prices at just about any retailer that sells clothing.  Or, if you can crocher or knit, an even better idea would be to make one yourself.  I'm planning to grab my 40% off coupon and head on over to JoAnn's or Michaels to find the perfect soft and cozy yarn to make a stylish infinity scarf.  It will be perfect for those chilly days on the playground.

I also want to include a small gift that will serve as a momento of my son, so I'm planning to include a little handmade bookmark with his name (and possibly a picture).  It will hardly take up any space and what teacher wouldn't find a bookmark handy?  This will be a fun, easy and quick craft to do with the kiddo and I'll definitely share pictures when it's complete.

Hope this short list of gift ideas for teachers helps you with some of your shopping.  If you have any ideas, I would love to hear about them.  The upcoming festivities will be keeping me pretty busy but I'm hoping to post more gift ideas and crafts that will get you in the holiday spirit!

Thanks for reading!


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