Thursday, August 23, 2012

10 Things You Should Know About Me

If we're going to be online friends, or even if we're already friends in real life, there's some random and yes, kind of weird, facts you should know about me.  I'm not normal, this I know and the list below is probably just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things that make me, me.  But, if you don't know me or want to know me better, it's a good starting point.

1.  I love to dance, but I won't do it in front of other people.  Dance time is pretty much relegated to my living room when the boys are asleep or out of the house and there happens to be a good beat playing.

2.  I'm a total germophobe.  I always have at least two bottles of hand sanitizer in my purse (you never know when one might run out) and a pump bottle on my desk at work and it is used religiously anytime I touch a door knob.

3.  I love, love, love to sing in the car.  When it's just me in the car, I always crank up the music on my iPhone and sing along to my favorite tunes.  And no, it doesn't sound pretty.

4.  Sometimes when I'm singing in the car, it is to a Britney Spears song.  What can I say, her tunes are catchy!  Don't hate.

5.  In the summer months during lunch, if I'm not at the gym, then you can sometimes find me at the beach playing some volleyball in the sand.  I've played since high school and I hit the courts when I can, which sadly isn't that often these days.

6.  I am allergic to alcohol.  The most I've ever consumed was one bottle of Bud Light and I thought it was going to do me in - first and last real experience with alcohol.  Maybe that's why college wasn't that much fun for me...

7.  I love to peel things - whether it's tape off a box, a label from a jar, or the clearance sticker from a price tag and it bothers me if any is left behind or any glue remains.  My husband calls it the peeling gene because my son seems to have the same obsession.  We've found many a toy that is without the stickers that my husband so painstakingly attached during assembly.

8.  I am on the petite side and I buy a lot of my t-shirts in the boys' section.  Especially when it comes to workout tees, I find they fit better and are about half the price.  Oddly enough, I can fit into a boys' medium but a women's small is sometimes too snug.

9.  In the 80's, I had a total crush on John Cusack.  I can't tell you how many times I've watched Better Off Dead.  Oh, and that guy from Sixteen Candles.  I so wished I was Molly Ringwald at the end of the movie.  If you haven't seen either movie, I highly recommend renting them.

10.  My dream car is a BMW M3.  I love the way they look but for now I have to be a bit more practical.  Saving for my son's college tuition or having a sweet ride?  Hmm...

Hope you've enjoyed these fun facts about me.  If you're seeing my blog for the first time, hopefully learning a little about me will make you want to come back and visit.  I'm still kind of new to blogland so I thought it would be good for people to get a better glimpse of the person behind the blog.  If anyone is lurking out there, please drop in a quick comment and tell me something about you.  I'd love to meet you!


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