Monday, August 27, 2012

A Bedroom Makeover

This past weekend was really busy but very exciting at the same time because Christopher got a bedroom makeover.  It's still a work in progress, but it is dramatically different than it was before and there's a lot of fun things in store for this little boy's room.

Unfortunately, I don't have any before pictures because, quite frankly, his room was an embarrassment.  When we first moved him out of his crib in our bedroom into his own room, we bought a toddler bed that would allow us to continue using the crib mattress but we still had an old futon in there from when we used the room as a guest bedroom.  The toddler bed was right next to the futon and he usually ended up sleeping on the futon rather than his bed, so we moved the toddler bed out so there would be more floor space.

He has been sleeping on the futon for the past year which has worked fine because it gave him plenty of room to roll around (he tends to move around a lot when he sleeps) and it was close to the floor in case he accidentally fell of the bed.  The downside is that the futon does take up a lot of space and the mattress isn't the most supportive.  

Along with wanting to get him a new bed, the room was in desperate need of a cleaning because although I've donated bagfuls of his clothing over the years, we still had bags and bins of clothing from the time he was an infant until now.  I had let the bags kind of pile up, not wanting to go through them because I knew it would make me realize just how quickly he is growing up and I never felt like I was emotionally ready for that.  

But, Matt being the pragmatic husband that he is, said it was time to get rid of all the old clothes and get everything off the floors before bringing a new bed in.  A new bed meant starting fresh!  So, I sorted through most of it and many bags and boxes were eventually donated.  All that was left in his room was the dresser that we bought for him right before he was born.  And, after a few hours, a lot of sweat, and many comments from an impatient boy, his new bed was setup!

As Matt and I finished getting it put together (and yes, I did actually help) we both commented on how we wished we had a bed like this when we were younger.  Oh to be a kid again!  It's really cool because it's a loft bed with a lot of space underneath for him to play.  Grandma got him that great Bob the Builder blanket.  We're thinking of putting in a tension rod so some curtains can be put in to create a fort.  And, the top has a canopy that is meant to look like a starry night so he can pretend he's camping.  How cool is that?

This new bed comes with mixed emotions for me because I'm excited to turn it into a really fun play area for him, but it's also his first big boy bed, which means he's not a baby anymore. 

His first night in his new bed was a bit of a rough one for both of us.  I had a hard time getting to sleep, thinking about all his wonderful milestones and wondering if I had remembered to write them all down. Then he kept on waking up because he wasn't used to his room being a bit darker and sleeping on a different bed.  I ended up getting up three or four times because he was afraid of the dark, the pillow was too hot, or he just wanted company. 

He held onto my hand so tightly because he didn't want me to go back to bed.  Though I was tired of standing and wanted to lay down, I knew that was right where I needed to be.  Perhaps I needed that.  To know that even though he is growing up so fast, he still needs his momma.

I hope everyone else had a great weekend as summer is coming to a close.  I'm sad that it's almost over but I'm looking forward to some fun fall projects and preparing for the holidays.  Yes, I'm already starting to think about Christmas and I'll be sharing my ideas very soon.

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