Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Trip in Pictures

My little family and I are savoring the last bits of summer and last weekend we took a much needed break from the usual weekend chores by going on our last trip of the summer to Portland.  The weather was beautiful with highs in the eighties but mornings and evenings were feeling cool and crisp - a sure sign that fall is on the way.  We had a lot of fun, exploring new things like the TriMet Max Light Rail and a beautiful park located near our hotel.

Making shapes with crayons
One of our favorite parts of the trip is stopping to get breakfast once we get into Portland.  We found a wonderful restaurant called Helser's on Alberta that has Yukon Gold hash browns that are to die for.  I dream about their potatoes!

Their light rail system makes for a pretty stress free way to travel.  We took it from Downtown Portland to Clackamas, which was a forty minute ride that ended at the Clackamas Mall.  I love a trip that ends with shopping!

The munchkin got another train ride inside the mall with the trackless train that takes you on a quick spin around the mall.  And at the end, all the kids get a chance to sit in the conductor's seat and ring the bell.  Christopher is absolutely in love with trains right now, so getting him out of the conductor's seat took a bit of coaxing.

A beautiful late summer sky in Portland.  White puffy clouds make me happy!

The leaves are just starting to change colors.  Can't wait to see the bright oranges and fiery reds!

Bees were busy in the park pollenating the flowers. 

How exciting it is to walk along life's path - not knowing exactly where it's going to take us.  No matter what, it's going to be a great journey!

Hope you're enjoying the last little bit of summer!  I'm starting to think of all the great fall projects I want to work on so hopefully you'll come back soon and craft with me.


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